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Approvals Process

Creating a custom control panel assembly or user interface is a complex process involving a variety of skills and disciplines. Our goals are to design and engineer your panel to:

  1. deliver superior performance over the life of your product
  2. provide lowest cost of use
  3. minimize development and delivery time
  4. impart a quality feel to your product
  5. be consistently manufacturable

Thus we have developed a flexible process that is regularly reviewed, to accurately and comprehensively document everything required to manufacture your product. It starts with a Specification Control Drawing, or a Top Level Assembly drawing that defines all the key criteria for form, fit and function along with inspection acceptance criteria and certification requirements.

Once the SCD or the TLA is approved, we develop all the sub-drawings, tooling drawings, BOMs, laser files, artwork, films, color chips, fixtures, tools, screens, and travelers required to manufacture the part. The items requiring your approvals are:

  • SCD or TLA drawing
  • Circuit artwork/Gerber files
  • Graphic artwork
  • Color chips
  • BOMs
  • Other items as determined by the project


We take every care to ensure the accuracy of our work which goes through a review, verification, and validation process prior to start of manufacturing, but your careful review and approval of these steps will catch any errors or omissions that might have been made. The end result is finished parts that match your expectations.

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