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User Interface (HMI) Assemblies

For the shortest path to market, ask Jayco to develop a user interface (HMI) assembly, or even the entire product packaging. We have the expertise to design, develop and integrate all the various components and sub-assemblies required to finish your product.

Our expertise includes integration of all kinds of switches and input devices, displays, indicators, meters, interface electronics, cable assemblies, and all types of enclosures.

We understand what makes a  good product great, whether it is how your product is protected from ESD,  shielded against EMI/RFI, or sealed against the elements. Our attention to detail is second to none.

A complete assembly or sub-system from Jayco adds value in many applications. We take responsibility for the entire project and save you development time and cost. You get a fully documented design that simplifies your operation, and you purchase one part number from one supplier instead of several; with consequent savings in purchasing, administration,  logistics, manufacturing costs, and inventory management. Fewer headaches, more efficient and cost-effective.

Some of the design options available are:

Any switch technology
Any display technology
Any hardware
Interface electronics
Metal or plastic enclosures
Cable assemblies

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Jayco Assemblies

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