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Design and Engineering

Our design and engineering services are designed to work hand in hand with your development team to bring your product to market as fast as possible. Consider us an extension of your own engineering department as we mesh seamlessly with your designers and engineers, share software and files, and work closely together to bring fully developed products to market.

From initial sketches to complete parts Jayco engineering works collaboratively and interactively to develop attractive, functional products that exceed their design goals. Ours is a transparent process (engineering flowchart) that you play an active part in. We do the work, you approve our work. There are no surprises, and no tooling expenditures without your approval. (approval process)

We create all projects as digital prototypes using 3D solid modeling techniques as this is the fastest way to develop parts. Creating digital prototypes enables us to test fit, check for interference, and see how the parts will come together without us having to make sample parts. From the solid models we create manufacturing drawings, laser files, artworks, tooling, etc, which are all automatically updated each time we make changes to the model. Thus our documentation remains current and accurate, and we retain a history of changes as the parts are developed. We stay current with the latest software releases to ensure our processes remain up to date, and our staff receives regular training to enable them to make the most of the tools available to them.





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