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Digital Prototype of Medical Device

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One of the key benefits of working with Jayco is our ability to develop human machine interfaces for any application and remove the burden from your engineers so they can concentrate on what they do best. All our product development is done using 3D solid modeling, and we can share files and data to ensure true interactive participation – a process that cuts development time and yields superior results. We create digital prototypes for you so you can check fit, eliminate interference issues and ensure good manufacturability. We can also render the prototypes and place them in realistic environments. The attached “photos” are of a virtual prototype we created for one of our medical customers. Once they were satisfied with what they saw on screen we made functional prototypes using rapid prototyping techniques that enabled a very smooth transition to production. Reduce the time and cost to develop your next product using Jayco to assist with use interface design and electro-mechanical packaging.

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