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Engineering Software

We stay current with latest software releases. The following information is designed to assist our customers in transferring files to us in the best or most convenient format.

Mechanical Engineering & Design.

3D file formats supported (in order of preferences).
AutoDesk Inventor 2012
    .ipt, .iam
AutoDesk Mechanical Desktop 2012
STEP files
    .stp, .ste, .step
IGES files
    .igs, ige, .iges
SAT files
Solidworks files
    .prt, .sldprt, .asm, .sldasm

Supported formats in 2D:
    .dwg, .dxf

Graphic Design and Artwork

Corel Draw X5
Adobe Illustrator CS5

Other supported graphic files:
Scalable Vector Graphics

PCB Design

Altium Designer Release 10 (Protel)
    .PcbDoc, .SchDoc, .PrjPCB, .net

Supported Board files:
Gerber files
Design Database files
    . ddb
Allegro Design files
    .brd, .alg
Orcad Design and libraries

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