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Flat Panel Switches

Flat panel switches have been the mainstay of Jayco products since 1980. Not only membrane switches, but also hybrid flat panels on PCBs.

Flat panel switches can be used in any application that calls for thin, low profile switches that are sealed and easy to clean. They are ideal for hand held applications and rack mount equipment alike - virtually any application where deliberate and accurate, low density, input is required.

Although membrane switches are a mature technology, it would be a mistake to consider them commodity items. Of course, there is no shortage of low cost products from both offshore and domestic manufacturers, but those are built to meet price objectives with potential shortcomings in terms of quality, durability and reliability.

Jayco’s membrane and hybrid flat panel switches are premium performance products that meet or exceed the criteria required for your application. How do we know? Because we have a number of applications where the competition has tried and failed to match the performance of our products.

If you have a non-critical application, you probably don’t need a Jayco switch. But if the performance of your product is dependent on your switch panel; if it is critical that your switches operate flawlessly every time they are used, you need Jayco.

We take every factor of performance into account in the design of our switches. We use proven designs where appropriate and develop new solutions when required. Even with all our experience, we sometimes come across a new challenge. We love that! Give us a new challenge and watch how we rise to the occasion.

Jayco offers every design option to enhance your products.

Tactile feedback
Selective texturing
Display windows
Embedded LEDs
Deadfront effects
Replaceable legend
jayco flat panel switch

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