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Keyboards and Keypads

Depending on your requirements, Jayco can make simple keypads or take them to a whole new level that will make your products shine. We can take a humble keypad and dress it up as you wish by adding tactile feedback, embedded displays and components, ESD/EMI/RFI shielding, sealing up to IP68 standards, chemical and abrasion resistant coatings, and USB, Serial or other interfaces.

Whether you need a single button switch, or a full size alphanumeric keyboard, we can design a keypad to fit your needs perfectly.  From small, densely packed keys, to large well spaced buttons, we engineer a solution to give the best feedback and operation for your product - whether it is a mobile device or a rackmount system.

With over 32 years of experience, we have designed keypads for a variety of applications from hand-held devices, sewn-in apparel, benchtop instruments, laboratory equipment, domestic appliances, medical and diagnostic instruments, aircraft seat controls, communications devices, security equipment, aerospace and military products.

Jayco’s keypads are precision designed and manufactured for their intended use, with a usable lifespan that meets or exceeds your product.

The technology options we offer are extensive. Call Jayco to discover what we can do for you.

jayco keyboards and keypads

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