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Manufacturing and Quality

Many companies treat Quality as a separate function from Manufacturing, citing an inherent conflict between the two functions. We take a different view. At Jayco, Quality is one with Manufacturing and the two cannot be separated. While Manufacturing personnel and Quality staff report to different managers, they work side by side to ensure quality parts are shipped out on time. Each operator is responsible for their own quality, verified by sign-offs at every operation. Quality inspectors assist the operators by approving first articles, and determining the acceptability of manufactured parts.

Training plays a significant role in maintaining product quality and production efficiency. All production personnel are trained to perform their work and to ensure compliance to our SOPs. As they gain experience, operators can be certified to a higher level after proving their skill and knowledge. Certified operators help train others and help with troubleshooting.

Every key procedure or process has an SOP associated with it that is routinely reviewed and updated as required. Training is provided for each SOP, and audits are performed quarterly to ensure that all SOPs are being followed. Audit results with corrective actions are maintained per our ISO 9000, 2000 compliant Quality System.

Evidence of the excellence of our Quality System, Document Control, and Manufacturing Processes is given by the fact that we have dozens and dozens of parts that are UL recognized and subject to quarterly UL inspections. We have yet to receive a Variance Notice for any of them.

We maintain excellent facilities with up to date equipment and true vertical capability for all our core competencies. For items like PCB manufacturing, sheet metal, injection molding, etc. we partner with pre-qualified suppliers to form an integrated and reliable supply chain.

A company-wide ERP system integrates all our processes from order entry through shipping to financial management. Bar coded travelers keep track of production progress and provide timely and accurate information for inventory and cost management.

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