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Our Expertise

Jayco excels at designing and engineering hardware user interface solutions for professional electronic products. If the performance of your product is critical, if the application is complex, or if the environment it operates in is harsh, you need Jayco.  You will find us easy to work with as we mesh with your engineers to develop the best solutions for your application. Our process, refined over 30 years of continuous improvement, cuts development time and gets you to market faster than your competition. Whether you need a complex sub-assembly, or a component, we will provide the highest value products in budget and on-time.


Your Benefit

Your time is precious and you are always looking for more of it.  We concentrate on the user interface while your engineers do what they do best. You get a user interface with the latest technology, custom made to fit your product. We speed development, and reduce iterations between design concept and production reality, saving you time and money. And we back it all up with efficient, quality manufacturing to deliver your product on time. As a specialist, we stay current with all the interface technologies so we can help you not only with this generation of products but your next, and the next. You can rely on Jayco to be your long term development and manufacturing partner, now and in the future.


Our Methodology

As a truly custom manufacturer we are driven by your needs and motivated to exceed your expectations. We listen, we clarify, we recommend; then with your approval, we act and we deliver. Simple and effective.


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