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Upcoming Trade Shows

Milcom, San Diego, November 18~21, 2013

Jayco will showcase the latest in rugged control panels and user interfaces at the Milcom Show. These products integrate a variety of functions into one assembly designed to stringent specifications to thrive in harsh environments. Features include backlighting for extreme environments including NVIS compliance, operation at temperature extremes, shielding to meet MIL-STD-461, water-proofing, and shock and vibration survival. Jayco meets the demand for ever more sophisticated user input and display systems through custom design and functional integration. Our products are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the precise demands of the defense industry, and critical applications in medical, aerospace, marine, security, mobile, communications, and industrial markets. More information about the Milcom show here.


Visit us at the San Diego Convention Center on November 18~21, 2013  to find your complete user interface and display solution.


Past Trade Shows


Del Mar Electronics Show, May 2013

WEST 2013, San Diego, January 2013

RTECC/Milestone/MEDS Show, La Jolla, Ca, August 2012

Del Mar Electronics Show, May 2012

AFCEA WEST 2012, San Diego, January 2012

Milestone Military Show, Los Angeles, November 2011

MILCOM, Baltimore, November 2011

RTECC Show, La Jolla, August 2011

Del Mar Electronics Show, May 2011

MDM West 2011, Anaheim, February 2011

Navy Gold Coast 2010, August 17~18 2010

Del Mar Electronics Show, May 5~6, 2010

MDM West 2010, Anaheim, February 9~11, 2010

Milcom 2009,   Boston, October 18~21, 2009

Navy GoldCoast,   San Diego,  August 4~5 2009

Del Mar Electronics Show,   May 6~7, 2009

MDM Show,    Anaheim, February 2009






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