About Us

As a custom manufacturer, we do more than just “build to print”; we create parts to fit your requirements whether we start from a “napkin sketch” or need to meet the most extensive specifications. This design and engineering capability, with over 145 years of combined HMI experience, truly sets us apart from the competition.
Jayco is one of the few purely dedicated HMI companies with the knowhow to develop HMIs for professional applications in any industry. We have completed over 2000 projects with every kind of HMI technology for industries as diverse as appliances and aerospace, gaming and medical, agriculture and laboratory equipment, and construction to defense. Each has unique challenges that we learn from and improve; and we bring the fruit of this broad but focused experience to create the perfect HMI for your products.


Responsible and Responsive

We take our responsibilities seriously. Whether it is complying with legal requirements, quality standards, ethics policy, recycling, or eliminating conflict minerals from our products, Jayco is certified, registered, and recognized for excellence.


And our roots in custom manufacturing means we are always responding to changing needs whether it is to make incremental improvements in your product or adjusting delivery schedules to meet your production requirements.

How We Do It

A key component of our approach is to thoroughly understand your needs and develop products to fit. If your needs change we respond accordingly. You can expect very close collaboration with your engineers throughout the development phase, and no unpleasant surprises. Our team is trained to always put the customer first, and to ensure we meet your needs.

Our processes are designed to be efficient, cost effective, and reliable. Our ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D certification includes design and manufacturing with processes in place to prevent or eliminate problems due to obsolescence and counterfeit parts. Manufacturing and testing is performed in house to the latest standards with specialized processes like clean room assembly, laser cutting, form-in-place gaskets, thermal and humidity testing, NVIS testing, and 3D vision CMMs.