Communications is the life blood of every business and technology. Communications technology permeates every industry whether it is medical, aerospace, defense, commercial, or industrial applications; and Jayco has developed HMIs for every conceivable communication application, from “drive thru” headsets, professional sports, satellite communications, personal and professional two-way radios, and networked systems.

Communications Related Products



Mobile communications for defense applications are some of the toughest in the world as these product see considerable abuse in the field both intentional and unintentional. Long term reliability in a “can’t fail” environment is essential. These keypads are sealed and shielded with positive tactile feedback though gloves. Backlighting is always an option.


A rugged keypad for a handheld communications device whose apparent simplicity hides the complexity underneath. The multi-color silicone rubber keypad has both polyurethane and epoxy coating, and graphics on the base of the keypad as well as the keytops. Metal domes provide positive tactile feedback to the very small keys, and unseen is an embedded microphone on the PCB below. Multiple versions of this keypad were made.


An ubiquitous sight at many drive thru restaurants, these headsets provide the essential communications back to the kitchen. The switches are designed with a light touch for operator comfort. A non-tactile design on a PCB with security features to prevent counterfeiting.