Jayco designs and produces HMIs for both marine and submarine applications. Starting with customer specifications we build durable products that thrive in harsh marine environments including high humidity, driving rain, salt fog, and freezing temperatures. Whether the requirement is to meet IP68, severe temperatures, or shock and vibration, Jayco’s marine-specific products will exceed your expectations.

Marine Related Products


An extraordinary keypad assembly designed for on-deck communications and exposed to all kinds of marine environments from sub-freezing to high humidity, high temperatures with driving rain and salt fog to contend with. The part is sealed to IP68 standards, shielded to MIL-STD-461, has sunlight readable displays dimmable for night time use, positive action tactile feedback through gloves, and secure communications. Extreme ruggedness combined with long term reliability.


A handheld marine GPS. This simple but rugged keypad provides a water tight seal to the housing. Positive action tactile feedback is provided by metal domes under a durable silicone rubber keypad with a polyurethane protective coating.


A membrane switch keypad designed to display information effectively and for ease of operation. This is for shipboard fire suppression equipment where long term reliability in high humidity and vibration prone environments is critical. EMI shielding to MIL-STD-461 is achieve through the use of ITO materials covering even the displays.