Jayco frequently provides Human-Machine Interface products to those in the medical field. From keyboards to touch screens, our technology has helped medical professionals save lives all around the world. Our experience with all manner of medical devices including diagnostic, monitoring, surgical and life support equipment is second to none.

Medical Related Products


A unique full function remote control designed for the operating room highlights our molding expertise. This is a two part construction with the top half consisting of a laser etched backlit silicone rubber over-molded above a polycarbonate frame with included full width IR window. The base is a co-molded design of soft TPU over polycarbonate with a battery compartment and gold plated battery contacts.


A bold design for medical analytical instrument required an innovative solution for the keypad to complement the high-end look of the instrument. Here we use a polyurethane coated molded silicone rubber overlay atop a sealed metal dome tactile membrane switch designed to withstand chemical contact and spills typical in labs


A fine example of a clean, functional, timeless design essentially unchanged over 25 years. A membrane switch was chosen for this application because it is sealed and easy to keep clean. The use of backlit graphics conveys essential information when required, and a rigid fiberglass backplate with embedded hardware provides easy mounting to the scale.


Concept design for a laser eye surgery remote control. Jayco was contracted to develop the concept and perform engineering for the complete product design and packaging including PCB layout and display integration. 3D solid modeling and virtual prototyping eliminated all problems prior to investing in production molds.